Khrysos Gold Slots

Step into the mythological lure. Step into the magnificent world of Greek mythology with Khrysos Gold. Real-Time Gaming is the creative genius behind the exceptional five-reel masterpiece that features vivid graphical detail. Khrysos Gold is also rich with bonus rounds that are fit for the gods.

Breaking Down Khrysos Gold

Heavenly rewards await in this five-reel masterpiece with twenty pay lines. King, queen, warrior, god, or goddess, Khrysos Gold begins your epic journey with a spell-binding soundtrack. And like most Real-Time Gaming titles, you have supreme control over navigating the games. The options button turns the music on or off, or you can use it to tweak the reel speed and other sensational in-game features.

Khrysos Gold follows the Real-Time Gaming tradition by giving you control of the gaming affairs. With the pay line arrows, you can swiftly maneuver through the royal twenty pay lines or choose something smaller. Khrysos Gold accommodates gamblers of all budgets and backgrounds. You can make heroic bets as high as twenty dollars or settle on your journey as small as twenty cents. The final decision involves playing via manual or autoplay.

Discovering Khrysos's Magnificent Paying Symbols

Khrysos Gold keeps the paytable small, which bolsters your winning chances. The queen is masterful and graceful as the wild symbol. She replaces the other symbols except for the scatter icon. Her grace also doubles winning combinations.

The coin is the bonus symbol that leads to extraordinary bonuses. But we will discuss that momentarily. Khrysos Gold also features the king, that pays a sovereign 600 credits. The warrior also adds 400 credits to the pay line. The mythological cyclops also appears on the reels, as does the dragon. And the paytable finishes with the majestic ace through the jack.

The Golden Bonus Rounds

Khrysos Gold is rich with bonus play beginning with the slippery wild feature. This lucrative bonus involves the wild symbol overlapping a specific spin. As the spins come, the graceful queen wild moves down a position on the reels. And the morphing wild feature only occurs during the slippery wild feature. The entire reel morphs into wild symbols if an additional wild queen lands behind the slippery wild.

All the collected bonus symbols trigger the jackpot bonus feature. You can win the minor, major, or grand jackpots, depending on the arrangement. The momentous bonus play reaches its zenith with the free spins round. The amount of scatters delivers up to twelve free spins.